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  1. satya says:

    Didn’t know Japan had terrorists!

  2. admin says:


  3. steelyblues says:

    Asian ENF videos are the best!

  4. William says:

    , that comment would be uncontested if they didn’t blur the pubic region.

  5. Toby says:

    Do you know the name of the video in Japanese or the series number (like NHDTA-327)? I’d be curious to see what happened next with all three news anchor videos I saw. THanks very much for putting them on here.

  6. junior45 says:

    Yelling in Japanese sure sounds threatening, doesn’t it? Japanese censorship is confounding. Perfectly OK to show the asshole but the pussy is a definite “no no.” Seems backwards somehow.

  7. Scorpio says:

    My favorite video on the entire site. I agree that there is no way that a woman could possibly more exposed than to be stripped and exposed on live national TV, and then be forced to masturbate for the enjoyment of the entire nation. There is a local news anchorwoman in my area I think of when I see this video. More videos along these lines would be fantastic.

  8. RB says:

    Forcing a girl to strip naked in front of you and your gang is already priceless. to force her to expose her naked body and further humiliate herself in front of an entire nation is a thing of beauty. what this woman was put through goes beyond humiliation. Its simply magical, so are her helpless cries and facial expressions.

  9. lovescmnf says:

    In a way, this seems like the ultimate manifestation of the ENF theme. It is every other ENF concept and trope magnified exponentially. This woman’s career in broadcast journalism is over. She would never willingly go in front of a camera again. Her humiliation is utter, absolute, and permanent. Basically, every man in the entire nation has seen her strip herself completely naked, spread her pussy wide, and then masturbate. She will never look a man in the face again.

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