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  1. qaz says:

    Thanks Freon. Where is this from?

  2. ???? says:

    that acting was so pathetic

  3. webmistress jeanie says:

    Our lovely friend Melissa Jacobs looks sensational in this clip. Melissa is just as sweet as she is gorgeous.

  4. admin says:

    Unsigned(“????”): visitor IP banned, as well as email domain (m********r.com) for violation of “No derogatory or sarcastic comments regarding models” guideline.

  5. RB says:

    He should have threatened her with something, but damn she’s hot, Maybe the hottest girl ive seen in a forced-to-strip video.

    I love the public humiliation element. I wonder why more forced-to-strip scenarios dont include some kind of public humiliation i.e. leaving the girl naked in public, and taking away anything to cover herself up or call for help. I also love that embarrassing this girl was seemingly the sole purpose for stealing her clothes (apart from getting to see her naked, obviously lol)

    Great clip and great genre!

  6. Scorpio says:

    I kind of like the fact that the guy doesn’t even have to menace her with anything. His mere aggressive presence, and the force of his commands, are enough to cause her to comply. I’m glad that he took her purse, too. I hope she had a lot of cash in it.

  7. name unknown says:

    the sexist piece of filth in the above video doesn’t have so much as the tiniest shred of respect for women. The poor girl in the above
    video should have reported this piece of shit to the police

  8. admin says:

    Unsigned(“name unknown”): IP address banned from visiting the blog for violation of the “No profanities, moralizing, or gibberish” guideline.

    Also, get real. “Report to police”. If you don’t even understand that she’s a paid actress performing a scripted role, you’re probably too young to visit this site anyway.

  9. gray says:

    Please find more videos like this. This is one of the hottest videos I’ve seen

  10. crayle says:

    I was waiting for a punch-line: She pleads with someone for some clothes and they say, “I’m sure it’s against the law to beg in a public park!”

  11. sirpaul391 says:

    Now that he has her purse, i.d., and keys, expecte a home burglary. The robbery where the owner is not home.

  12. Sabre, the Unconquerable says:

    Is there a longer version of this video?

  13. Njguy says:

    To be honest, this is a strange one. A random dude just walks up to a woman in a public place and demands her clothes… and she gives them to him??? And with no weapon or clear means to threaten her? In a way, though, the peculiarity makes it all the hotter.

  14. Onemario1234 says:

    I cringed at how bad that acting was.

  15. Marcos says:

    Man, I envy this guy so much. Not only he gets nice clothes and money for nothing, but also sees a free striptease performed by this nice chick…

  16. mbsf13 says:

    I would have liked the girl to fight or something, did the guy have a gun or knife? Was she hypnotized? The guy just actedblike a psycho, you would run from that or something. The video would have worked better if this had occurred. The girl is spectacular, looks wise.

  17. Virus_Reuploaded says:

    I really like it when, apart from taking their clothes, they also take away their purses or wallets. Like in this video, just perfect

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