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  1. namthienmenh says:

    It is RCT-578

  2. Whoknows says:

    This video would have been even better if at the end had she been arrested, handcuffed behind her back and paraded nude through the airport and outside in to a waiting police car. The humiliation of this girl would have been complete.

  3. says:

    I love watching girls like this in perilous moments. It kind of looked like she was enjoying it

  4. Naughtyrag says:

    Hmm…even I love watching these kinds of videos tempts me to browse your website more.

    I hope that you more these kind of videos and if possible, their link for the full version.

  5. rickkink says:

    This was very hot, but it would’ve been even better if there were a crowd of spectators, as there would be in a real airport.

  6. Boytoy says:

    I once picked up the daughter of a good friend of mine is a favor to him cuz he couldn’t get away from work assignment he was engaged in at the airport where she had been an exchange student for a year in Japan.
    When her flight arrived at LAX she seemed a bit apprehensive as security personnel were wanting to take a look at her bags and trying to find the interview room for her to check for a positive hit that one of their canine units had detected the scent of some kind of controlled substance either on her bags or on her person.
    She was only 16 at the time about 3 months away from 17 and so the airport security said that she needed to have a adult guardian with her during the examination which kind of added insults to injury because it would have been bad enough that they’d been her father there with her but I wasn’t her father how’s this good friend of his and she barely knew me and so she ended up having to submit to a body cavity search after taking off all her clothes right in front of me female and two male security people.
    As luck would have it the one that was qualified to do the examination or the county search was a guy and he wasn’t very sensitive to her feelings or my resentment for being so cold about the whole thing the only encouraging thing he had to say was that we get this over with his possibly can be on your way and yeah with your lives.
    The search tuned up negative which I didn’t know whether to be relieved or infuriated given how mortified the poor girl was having her legs spread apart right in front of me while she had her vaginal and anal cavities thoroughly searched and to add insult injury it wouldn’t let her put her underwear on when they catch her hair her ears feet and other areas pulling under her breast because they thought it was waste time and they wanted to make sure that they didn’t have anything getting in the way of the test claiming that she policies in the law to get dressed until after the examination was complete so she remains exposed to my view for a good 40 minutes or so spending much of time standing there crying begging them not to make her do this.
    They gave me a copy of the report to get your father had on there that she had been searched for suspicion of narcotics amphetamines and that process hit by the canine unit ended up resulting in a negative body cavity search and that The examiner couldn’t verify definitively that she was clean only that she wasn’t care of carrying any amount sufficient enough to be a trafficker or a meal but whatever she may have had in her system or come in contact with it she’s been at a party was another story which may have been with your doctor dog.
    Give the situation I regretted having to ask her if she had if she truly had any drugs on interpretation or had it taken any before getting on a plane and that I regretted invading a privacy but I had a choice of either confirming that she didn’t have anything on her or giving the slip over to her dad and having him ask her far more vases questions and I hadn’t mind. I regret having to give her this choice but I didn’t really have a choice myself so since I’d pretty much been present the whole time she’d been examined I wouldn’t be seeing anything I hadn’t seen before if she submitted to us a search by me when we got to my apartment yes she didn’t want to have this conversation with her dad since there was no way of getting around the fact that she would be aware that there was a search but he would not necessarily have to know that the body cavity search was inconclusive because it did not have the degree of thoroughness that would have been required to declare her free of any control substances on her person or in her system and I knew that her father would do whatever it took to deter him whether or not she’d been using or been contact with people who had been is that test could not definitively that she wasn’t and hear from the K9 unit would definitely be an indicator that she either had drugs in her system or a person or in her body
    She wasn’t too happy camper but she ended up understanding my position me it wasn’t really a choice this was the loss I had to just close what information was given by the airport security but I did not necessarily have to tell him that the test was inconclusive because the paperwork did not mention that they had concluded the the inspection uncertain as to whether or not she actually did have any drugs on her only that if she did that they would have been either inside of her body like if she had swallowed it or if she’d taken before getting on the plane or if she had been using before leaving Japan to the states or on the plane somewhere. Her dad didn’t have to find out that the test didn’t prove she inconclusive because I would gladly tell him that no drugs were found if I could not find any and the only way I could say that to him without lying was to do a much more thorough examination than he did at the airport security place. I gave her the same speech my mom my aunt the family friends the family and numerous other people within my life had said to me during these embarrassing times which is you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before so don’t be embarrassed nothing to worry about nothing be ashamed of. Being a typical teenager she’s like yeah right is she bends over and told her just spread cheeks and keep him wide part why have a look see. She seemed more mortified by me shining a light in her eyes telling her to look less than right then she was by me she hugged my fingers up inside of her feeling around inside there were taking swabs for samples of both cavities and swabs for her inside of her mouth to send to a lab for analysis. She said that she was more humiliated by me looking into her ears in her mouth and between her toes and she was by my invasive and extremely thorough inspection and examination of her vulva vaginal opening in and outer labia uterus anal cavity and abdomen, simply because I was already familiar with her reproductive areas from earlier and her poop shoots but checking out her mouth ears fingers and toes seemed a little stepping over The line since that was mostly a girl stuff to be taken care of. I told her not to be so embarrassed because it wasn’t a big thing to me I recently gone to something similar with my mom and I was near middle age when she examined my body after a accident with him for an emergency medical situation and even after seeing my wrecking penis she told me not to be embarrassed because that’s normal and I seen it all before so and tell him for that my mom was right so she can believe me as I could believe my mom that nothing I’ve seen her observed while she was exposed made me thinking less of her so she’s just a healthy normal teenage girl,
    She didn’t think she would be able to look me in the eye after that whole incident and I told her that the one thing that got me through the situation was basement front of my mom as an adult and with other social situations was that I was only embarrassed because those people saw it felt my private parts but when those parts seems to be private anymore it didn’t bother me that they’d seen or touched them cuz it was only the fact that I consider them private because my misconception of male modesty that made me embarrassed. My mom has seen me naked twice since then both times early in the morning when I was asleep and seeing her middle-aged son with a full morning wood didn’t make her uncomfortable in the least and waking up to seeing her sitting next to me in her chair looking his TV now wouldn’t care in the world that I’m nude in the wrecked put my mind to you so I just remain nude and direct for a while while we watch TV I told my friends daughter that a further examination and the memorization was her anatomy might make her more comfortable with the idea of me knowing the things I knew about her anatomy so I recommended giving her some release if she wanted it the way my gymnastics instructor had taught me to do with my partner when I was a teenager and told her that if she trusted me and believed that there was nothing you’d be embarrassed about then this was what it only helped her become more comfortable with me knowing on her secrets that she put because I already knew a little secret but now she could find out that there was nothing shameful about her body.
    She became aroused when I had my hand inside of her doing a pelvic and had to close her eyes I put my left hand on her forehead like I’ve read in the book on sensual massage press down and with my other hand brought her to orgasm. I left my hand inside of her my other hand wrapped around her upper torso over breast and told her let me know when she didn’t feel embarrassed anymore and I’d let her go. An hour later she told me she wasn’t embarrassed anymore and would prefer to remain nude if that was okay with me and asked if I wouldn’t mind leaving my hands where they were because she thought she might be ready for a second to orgasm and she seemed to like the fact that I knew our secrets plus the fact that I could see that she was comfortable with that, she’s 23 years old now and from time to time when I see her she’ll ask that I give her a massage and give her and put I have on what kind of changes her body is going through and how she can increase her libido because her boyfriend has a high metabolism and she wants to be sure she can keep up with him. It’s weird that I see her with clothes on nowadays except when doing something social with her dad or having fun shopping or whatever.when at her home or my home first thing she’ll do is take off her clothes and invite me to do the same if I want so I’ll be in platonic. Big botanic doesn’t mean we don’t get aroused and we do which is fun.

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