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  1. mbsf13 says:

    Spectacularly sexy woman, well acted, but…..
    The premise is asinine, she was leaving, just charge extra and let her go. This would have worked better by changing it to her planning to stay another night, that would have brought out more embarrassment/anxiety

  2. NudityEnthusiast says:

    I agree with Mbsf13’s comment entirely. She’s a beautiful woman and does a good job but the premise could have been more believable. I think it would have worked better if this scene took place, with her finding out about the nudity-only policy, the night before when she checked in.

    If it was already late when she’d arrived, the odds of her finding another hotel room for the night would be plausibly pretty low. So if the hotel refused to let her stay there if she doesn’t get naked, it’d suddenly be a choice between getting naked or having nowhere to sleep for the night (for added motivation, the weather outside could be pretty bad and she might have caught a taxi to the hotel meaning she doesn’t even have a car to sleep in). That, at least to me, creates a much more believable scenario where she’d agree to get naked.

    Of course, the hotel would probably insist on “confiscating” her suitcase (with all her clothes) to ensure she continues to follow the rules for the duration of her stay.

  3. Insanity66 says:

    Does anyone know the name of the actress?

  4. admin says:

    Britney Amber. It’s specified in the “original source is here” link. Since you’re asking, I suppose the link doesn’t work for you – in this case I suggest ‘s built-in free VPN.

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