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  1. sirpaul391 says:

    Wow! Sexy!! Needs subtitles in the English language.

  2. Jamming10001 says:

    Lovely bush!

  3. kun says:

    Approximate subtitles (my Spanish is a bit rusty)
    Julia: Most of their boyfriends have already seen their boobs!
    Manolo: Oh my god, Julia! What are you doing? Cover yourself!
    Julia: And what’s more, some of them have had premarital sex!
    Manolo: (didn’t catch it exactly) They were being immoral, and this is ridiculous!
    Julia: …so when I told them you’ve never seen my boobs yet, they told me “well once you show him, he’ll bite them!!” Are you gonna bite me or not?
    Manolo: (more protests at the situation, words unclear)
    Julia: And then they told me if I show you more, you’ll fuck me right there! Are you going to fuck me? I’ll lie down right here!
    Manolo: No! Don’t lie down, I’m not going to fuck you. Ah! And I’m going to hold myself back, because I am a gentleman!
    Julia: And according to them, if I put myself in front of you and you don’t fuck me, it’s because you’re too much of a sissy!
    *scene cuts*
    Manolo: Well! It’s like we’re in the ball in the middle of Real Madrid (good soccer team)…oh my god
    Julia: What are you doing!
    Manolo: I get angry…
    Julia: Get down!!
    Manolo: Wow you have the water really hot

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