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  1. luv2custrip says:

    Game Night is a classic CMNF story. The wife either loses a bet, or the husband promises to take her on a big trip if she serves his buddies nude. Can start out with her gradually stripping, or wearing an apron and nothing else.

  2. gustycve says:

    I work with nude models in Brazil. Did some works a few years ago with public nudity. I can gather models to do scenes for the site for a good price if needed.

  3. DarkNobilis says:

    I voted for the “behind enemy lines” one because it’s so weird and unique, and it’s only in 3rd place, but I’m glad to see 1st and 2nd place are the other 2 I would have liked to vote for (D&D and Obstacle Course).

    I’d much rather see some of these unique ideas than the standard stuff.

    On a side note, Fetish Auteur used to have a CMNF D&D clip on clips4sale, but sadly, it looks like their store is gone.

  4. RunFreeRunWilder says:

    Hi DarkNobillis. I remember the FA D&D video. I really enjoyed it. I’m surprised this idea hasn’t been adopted by many other sites already. Perhaps trade-ease.ru can be the second? 🙂 It’s all up to our votes!

  5. itsdapartment says:

    This is great! I love the idea of contributing creatively this way. A lot of these have potential, actually, but for me the devil is in the details. It’s all about the girl/s acting cute and not just being some bimbo that can’t act her way out of a paper bag. Whether she’s embarrassed or totally comfortable naked, how much focus and attention is put on her parts (all of them, not just the most popular ones), etc.
    It looks like the DnD one is winning, which has a lot of possibilities for sure. Particularly if each girl has a very different attitude. One’s just happy to strip (maybe her idea that they do it for real), another is mortified, etc.

  6. SpiderBoy says:

    I’ll suggest another: completely one-sided competition.

    In the 90’s there was a TV show called “Playboy’s Naked Truth” and in it there was a gameshow sketch called “Shoe’s Don’t Count”.
    There was one male and and female contestant, and if they got a question wrong they had to remove an article of clothing.

    What made it hilarious is that the woman is asked the most obscure questions you could imagine, while the man was asked kindegarten level questions.

  7. Gyna says:

    Hi DarkNobillis I voted for the same reason
    after a while the woman is caught handcuffed and taken to prison naked

  8. caffeineaddict says:

    I’ve always liked the idea of a woman locking her car, walking as far as she dares into a hike, then slowly stripping and destroying/burning her clothes. Then watching her find her way back to her car. Only thing she has on the walk back is her car keys.

  9. strippingfun says:

    Hey, everyone:
    I run Stripping Fun & Games, and a forum member referred me to this thread.
    If you wish to commission me, I would be happy to shoot some of your projects (although a few though may be out of my realm). Please note I can’t risk shooting a public masturbation scene – if caught, the consequences could be arrest and being registered as a sex offender. Hard pass. A model I’ve shot, Ellie, got into quite a bit of trouble for doing nasty things at the Santa Monica Public Library!
    But I feel this is right up my lane. I’m a sponsor of this site, so many of you are likely aware of my store already and should be familiar with my work.

  10. MarcMen says:

    Cuando los subes ?

  11. beepollen says:

    Oh wow, thanks, strippingfun! That’s a generous (and great) offer. We’re in!

    (Everyone, this is a *big* deal. It’s one thing to get a producer, but another thing entirely to get a producer simpatíco with our collective vision. If this is to work, that’s a big part of it. Last thing we want is a consensus disappointment, with not even a hoped-for Snyder cut to salvage things…)

    So, admin, how do we get this project underway?

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