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  1. coryindhouse says:

    Is that a recording of the full play?

  2. admin says:

    No, the full play (if it’s at least somewhat close to the classic version) should go on for at least two hours. Unfortunately, no one has found a footage of the complete play.

  3. coryindhouse says:

    Sorry, misspoke. I’d love to see the full thing if anyone ever can come up with it.

  4. Newde says:

    Sure. This so much helps de-sexualize the female body. Totally. We don’t find this sexual at all. Right.

  5. desired says:

    What this non-sexual post is doing in this forum.

  6. Justaguy says:

    gallery with marisa roper

  7. shazba says:

    They did another version of the same play in 2019 at Prospect Park, but it didn’t star the obvious girl (Marisa Roper). What’s in this video is pretty much all the footage you’re going to find out there.

  8. dexter_45 says:

    Great video. They are doing an important job. More people should learn and understand that nudity by default is a non-sexual thing.

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