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  1. onesmallstep says:

    Wait a minute! She stabbed that heavy set guy to death – through his side – through muscle, fat, and rib cage – with a TABLE KNIFE? A table knife with about a 4-5″ blade? Man, don’t give that girl a rubber band and a box of paper clips, she’ll be shooting down passenger planes and sinking cruise liners!

  2. KarlMalone says:

    what a fantastic body

  3. freddyboy9 says:

    This video was posted by fallen21. Is it possible for that person to tell me where they get the videos from as I would Like to buy operas and ballet with nudity in them. I have tried and cant find anywhere that sells them.

  4. admin says:

    I think I can answer that. The video was found on YouTube, where it is freely available:

  5. johny2016 says:

    The facial expressions are a bit creepy though

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