Hentai anime reluctant "the only one naked" scene - college girl ordered to strip in front of her classmates

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It's been a while since I posted any hentai anime - there seems to be a lot of it floating online with the right themes, but there is (almost) always something wrong (or just not quite right) with the flick, so finding a "perfect fit" is rare. So thanks to Alfling for finding this one :) Here's what he says: "Sayaka is a school girl who has just been informed that her school uniform will no longer be required (I think that's a mild understatement ;) I’d rather have said that she's informed that she will be required not to wear anything while on the school grounds -admin). This is from the anime Rinkan Biyaku Chuudoku: Nigeba Nashi! 1428-nin no Seito Zenin ni Sex Sareru Reijou Sayaka, Episode 2. Though I have no idea what all that means, this OON scene is pretty hot."


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