Bait-and-switch public micro bikini dare video

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Micro bikini dare clip from an English subtitled video called "". Young female tourists are approached in the vicinity of a large hot springs bathhouse ("onsen") by the filming crew and offered to "play a very simple game with cash prizes" at the said bathhouse. Those who agree will get their money (eventually), but first they are in for a bunch of embarrassing surprises... The initial terms and conditions are: enter a mixed (i.e. used by both genders) bathhouse, change into the provided swimsuit and spend ten minutes in the outdoor bath, and you're done. Sounds like a simple task for the $200 prize - but the devil is in the details which are held back from the participants until they start: the bathing suits are ridiculously skimpy, there are hidden cameras everywhere, and after those 10 minutes of shame are over, getting back the clothes is no trivial task, since they're no longer where the girls left them... (This clip chronicles [incompletely] the adventures of one girl, there are five girls sporting swimsuits of varying levels of [in]decency which is more than two hours long.)


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