CMNF video - shy embarrassed girl talked into stripping and showing off her body to a bunch of clothed men

Duration: 23:00 Views: 6 822 Submitted: 6 years ago

Great Japanese CMNF / embarrassment fetish video sent by Zaphod. Cute reluctant girl gets talked into stripping, then spreading her legs and masturbating a little before a bunch of guys examine every bit of her naked body, putting her in provocative positions and using sex toys on her, and her body's reactions to the unwelcome stimulation embarrass the reluctant woman even more... The main group of spectators remains fully clothed, while the guys who do all sorts of stuff with the girl for their entertainment are sadly less dressed, but still wear at least shorts for the duration of the clip. Note: the first 7 or so minutes of the video are really mild / friendly (milder than the screenshot), and even from there the clip is not really violent at all, so don't let the preview picture discourage you from watching this fine video :)


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